10 top tips to reduce your office waste

Regardless of how large or small an office is, large amounts of waste can be generated without any real need to do so.  Everyone is asking themselves what they can do to impact reducing office waste and in more particular waste paper recycling.

Check out our top 10 tips to reducing office waste and office waste recycling:

  1. Use both sides of paper – When printing or using a photocopier it’s very simple to change the settings to print on both sides of the page. This will reduce your overall paper consumption by about fifty percent.
  1. Offer waste paper recycling – Set up paper recycling bins next to printers or by people’s desks. Unwanted paper can easily be put in these, rather than the normal rubbish bin. Have a recycling plan as well and tell all people in the office you are trying to recycle more as an office.
  1. Shred and reuse unwanted paper – Instead of throwing away old documents, shred them and reuse them as packing material in shipments.
  1. Recycle your e-waste – mobile phones, computers, printers and other equipment can often be recycled.
  1. Use reusable cups and mugs. Encourage everyone to use mugs and glasses, even when getting takeaway coffee. Not bringing paper cups into the office will reduce your waste dramatically.
  1. Buy refillable ink cartridges. These have been around for a long time now and it means that instead of throwing away empty cartridges you simply re-fill them and carry on using them.
  1. Set up a place in the office to store and exchange reusable office supplies, such as binders, envelopes (re-label them), and file folders (turn them inside out).
  1. Set up a complete recycling system for bottles, cans, photocopier cartridges, batteries, printer ink cartridges, and plastic. Reuse anything that can be reused, such as rewritable CDs and DVDs, and recycle the rest.
  1. Educate everyone in the organisation about your waste management system. Employees need to know what is expected of them. Include information on solid waste management and policies, and provide hands-on training in orientation sessions with new staff. Reinforce the message regularly.
  1. Use electronic formats and apps for note taking rather than a pad and pen. When in meetings consider taking notes on your tablet, PC or smartphone for example.

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